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On 14 July 2020 the UN Security Council adopted its third resolution on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS): UNSCR 2535 (2020). One of the most significant elements of the Resolution is that it cements the place of YPS on the agenda of the Security Council, by requiring the UN Secretary-General to submit a biennial report to the Council on the implementation of the YPS agenda and associated Resolutions.


The overall purpose of the present consultancy service is to develop a comprehensive multi-sectoral Youth Development Strategy that serves as a harmonization and coordination framework for all actors and stakeholders dealing with youth and development issues including, but not limited to, access to good quality health care  including SRH information and services, quality education including technical, vocational, education and training (TVET), employment creation, active participation of the youth in small and micro-enterprise schemes, conflict resolution and peace-building, etc.

The youth strategy will be informed by the experiences and lessons learnt from conflict and post conflict situations with particular focus on the peculiar features of the demographic and conflict dynamics of South Sudan. It will also draw lessons from countries that developed and implemented similar policies and strategies.

The specific objectives of the assignment will include, among others, to:

  • Compile basic data on youth and demographic dynamics in the South Sudan;
  • Conduct/desk review, analyse and synthesize, global, regional and national youth reports, relevant national statistical records, trends in youth population growth, impact of conflict on youth, employment status, levels of poverty, gender dimensions, labour migration and related challenges as well as opportunities for young people;
  • Identify youth and related national policies and institutional niches in government and stakeholders’ institutions as well as the underlying causes of existing deficiencies and ways of redressing them;
  • Prepare a draft South Sudan Multi-Sectoral Youth Development Strategy (YDS), its Operational Plan and a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) matrix;
  • Propose an appropriate institutional framework/architecture to coordinate national programs and initiatives on youth
  • Present the draft South Sudan Multi-Sectoral YDS for validation in workshop to be organized by government, UNFPA and other stakeholders
  • Incorporate comments, inputs and finalize the South Sudan Multi-Sectoral YDS and operational plan, within the stipulated time frame.
  • Ensure that the South Sudan Multi-Sectoral YDS is endorsed by the government

Scope of work

Main tasks and responsibilities: The development of the South Multi-Sectoral YDS will be a participatory process which will entail engagement of relevant stakeholders through focused and dedicated interactions. This will give an opportunity for the Ministry of Youth and other stakeholders to provide inputs into the strategy development process and ensure adequate consultation and ownership. The national consultant will report to the International consultant and will perform the following tasks:

Document reviews: Support the review of relevant documents including global, regional as well as national policies and strategies for young people. They include: The South Sudan State of Adolescents & Youth Report 2019, the South Sudan National Youth Development Policy; a Collective Response and Engagement Strategy on Youth interference; compact of young people; Youth Programme related documents from various institutions/organizations and any other related documents, reports and studies available.

Stakeholder consultations: Conduct consultations with key informants from government and non-government institutions at national, states and county level, UN agencies, donors, Youth (15-35 years) representatives at rural and urban settings, academia, broad group of stakeholders, under the leadership of the Ministry of Youth and share the outcome of the consultation(s) with the international consultant.

Drafting of the National Youth Strategy: Contribute to the draft national youth strategy in a participatory and inclusive manner that takes care of the local peculiarities of the context of the youth of South Sudan while maintaining relevant regional and international standards.

Validation workshop (virtual/physical meeting): Under the leadership of the Ministry of Youth, the consultant will work with the international consultant to convene a validation workshop for various stakeholders to provide inputs to the draft South Sudan Multi-Sectoral YDS. This will be an inclusive process with young people (15-35 years) of diverse background of urban & rural including persons with disability, policy and decision makers, parents, service providers and religious leaders, UN and other development partners, selected Education sector focal points, officials from other relevant line Ministries and representatives from the Ministry of Youth.

Expected Results

  • Contribute to the inception report and ensure relevant stakeholders provide their feedback-4th October 2021
  • Contribute to the report on stakeholder consultations at national, states and county level-22nd November 2021
  • Contribute to the draft South Sudan Multi-Sectoral YDS, its Operational Plan and M&E matrix-30th November 2021
  • Contribute to the final endorsed Costed South Sudan Multi-Sectoral YDS with a clear Operational Plan and an M&E matrix-15th December 2021
  • Contribute to the final report of the assignment-27th December 2021

The national consultant will be hired for the period of 70 working days covering the period from September to December 2021.

Qualification and Experience

The Consultant should have the following key competencies:

  • At least a Master’s Degree in sociology and economics or both or any other related social sciences.
  • At least five (5) years of progressive work experience in population, development and/or policy formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation;
  • In depth understanding of youth work in resource constrained settings, multi-cultural environment and in conflict situations
  • Previous experience in conducting similar work and any similar experience in the African context and humanitarian situation is desirable;
  • Fluency in English with excellent writing and communication skills, drafting, editing and oral presentation of reports; and
  • Demonstrated ability to work in team and in harmony with persons of different national background and cultures.


Fluent in written and spoken English, knowledge of Arabic will be an asset.

How to Apply

Please send your application and a short letter of motivation with “DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUTH SUDAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY AND OPERATIONAL PLAN " in the subject to UNFPA South Sudan E-mail address by 24th September 2021.