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On 14 July 2020, the UN Security Council adopted its third resolution on Youth, Peace and Security (YPS): UNSCR 2535 (2020). One of the most significant elements of the Resolution is that it cements the place of YPS on the agenda of the Security Council, by requiring the UN Secretary-General to submit a biennial report to the Council on the implementation of the YPS agenda and associated Resolutions.


Country Context
South Sudan’s population is among the youngest in the world with more than 70 per cent being below 30 years and Youth (15 to 24 years) constituting about 33% (2008 census). The youth dominated demographic situation is causing significant pressure on basic social needs which are limited by the prolonged war. Many young people have not been educated and this makes them vulnerable to the overflowing problems in the environment they live in like unemployment, violence, illiteracy, exclusion from the governance systems and peacebuilding operations. Specific challenges to young women include early marriages, lack of decision-making power on family planning and family preference of educating boys over girls. These have culminated in the fact that South Sudanese youth have not been afforded the opportunity to develop to their full potential and access the opportunities that enable them to grow, develop and prosper as fully engaged, responsive and productive citizens. The South Sudan Youth Development policy was developed and validated in (2019). The effectiveness of its implementation is dependent on the involvement of young people not only in the development of the policy but in the implementation and follow-up so that the programs have a real impact on the youth. The policy aims to promote youth participation in democratic processes as well as in community and civic affairs. It also advocates for the creation of a supportive social, cultural, economic and political environment that will empower the youth to be partners in development as well as seek to provide an opportunity for improving the quality of life for all Youth in South 

Scope of work:
Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Support the senior management of the Ministry in coordinating the development of the National Youth Strategy
  • Ensure that the roadmap for the development of the National Youth Strategy is implemented according to plan and advice in situations where changes need to be made
  • Ensure active engagement of key stakeholders in the development of the Youth Strategy for broad-based ownership.
  • Support the Secretariat of the National Reference Group (NRG) by ensuring that meetings take place as planned, communication to members is effective and that various actions are implemented according to plan
  • Coordinate between the NRG, the consultants, the Ministry of Youth & Sports, and the UN Interagency Network on adolescent and Youth Development (IANAYD) co-chaired by UNFPA & UNESCO.
  • Support the consultants to access relevant documents and the review of relevant policies, strategies, reports at the global, regional and national level.
  • Prepare briefing notes and expert opinion and advice to enhance active engagement of MOYS as the lead agency during the development process of the Strategy.
  • Contribute to the review of the inception report, draft and final Youth Strategy.
  • Coordinate the various ministries and relevant institutions during their engagement in the national reference group and provide updates on the day-to-day progress of the process. 
  • Support the Ministry in organizing and coordinating stakeholder consultations at both national and state levels.
  • Plan and coordinate the state travels for consultation with the consultants and supporting agency. 
  • Follow up with UNFPA Office and ensure timely deliverables on any logistic arrangements to support the consultants on the assignment.
  • Perform any other related duties that may be assigned to him/her.

Qualification and Experience: 
The Consultant should have the following key competencies:

  • Master’s degree in Development studies, social sciences, public health, or any relevant field.
  • A minimum of 5-year experience in a relevant area
  • Excellent analytical and writing skills
  • Knowledge of the Arabic language is an asset
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team and in harmony with persons of different national backgrounds and cultures.  


  • Fluent in written and spoken English, knowledge of Arabic will be an asset.

How to Apply
Please send your application and a short letter of motivation with “Technical Assistant to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to support the development of the National Youth Strategy for South Sudan " in the subject to UNFPA SOUTH SUDAN at:

The deadline is 8 March 2022