Women and peace building
Women are essential in preventing conflict and in ensuring sustainable peace, there are example of women who succeeded in leading peace and yet women largely remain excluded from the peace negotiations. Majority of times when we talk about majority of women in the peace process, we talk about awareness but in reality it must go far beyond awareness raising to acknowledge women role in peace building and enhancing the...
UNFPA South Sudan Newsletter quarter 4, 2023
Dear esteemed readers and partners, It is another exciting moment as we come to the end of 2023 – reflecting on our collective achievements and renewing commitments for collective implementation of the UNFPA 4th Country Programme of assistance to the Government of South Sudan, in the years ahead, for the prosperity and well-being of the people of South Sudan.
Young female herder in the cattle camp
The nomadic pastoralist community in Terekeka live purely pastoralist life where they value their livestock more than anything even their own lives which leaves women and young people particularly girls at risk of GBV and harmful practices.

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