8 Billion Strong: A world of infinite possibilities
A world of 8 billion people is a world of infinite possibilities. See what this milestone for humanity means for both people and the planet: #8BillionStrong
Dio, serving tea at the tea shop constructed by IMA with support from UNFPA
Mingkaman-Awerial-Lakes State -Dio Nial Gai makes a living from selling tea at the busy and bustling Mingkaman town. Originally from Jonglei State, Nial was displaced by the 2013 war. She had to flee across the river to the neighboring Awerial-Mingkaman Lakes State to seek refuge. The journey was not easy. Along the way, she was shot in the arm and developed complications. She had to be taken to Bor and later to Juba...
Group photo with joint UNFPA, SWEDEN, MoH, and AMREF visiting delegation to the school
Menstruation, sexuality, puberty – the things that parents and elder people won’t talk about especially educating the young ones as they grow to teenage. “It is hard for a parent to sit her daughter down and talk to her about sexual education, but through AMREF, who are implementing CSE here at King’s College, the situation is changing” these were the words of Mr. Paul Zimo Bamongoyo, the headteacher of Kings College...

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