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13 November 2018

Converting family planning skeptics

“No! Family planning is not allowed here!” Mr. Dut, a pharmacy assistant at Aweil State Hospital, blurted out these words when asked about the family planning services at the hospital. This man, in his 60s, has 30 children from five wives and expects his youngest wife, a 24-year-old woman, to give him three more children. His

6 November 2018

Japan assistance ensures safe births in South Sudan crisis

The Japanese Government, in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund, has reached almost a quarter of a million internally-displaced persons affected by the crisis in South Sudan with sexual and reproductive health services in the past four years. The beneficiaries, mostly women, young girls and youth in general,

26 October 2018

Respect young people's rights and reap the demographic dividend

If the demographic dividend is to be harnessed, then the fundamental civil, political and socioeconomic rights of young people, including young women, must be protected and respected, said Dereje Wordofa, UNFPA Deputy...



The security situation remains tense countrywide. Intermittent clashes were reported in some states early this month, coupled with intercommunal fighting, mainly due to cattle rustling.


Not so long ago, most people had large families: five children, on average. Where once...
Where will the 10-year-old girl be at 25? Much depends on the choices many different...

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