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20 October 2016

Ten-year-old girls are the face of our future

Ten-year-old Temawelase is a sixth-grader in a rural community in the Hhohho region of Swaziland. Almost 4000 kilometres away, her age-mate Daline has just finished primary school in Yaoundé, the... Read more

17 June 2016

Male midwife champions safe motherhood for South Sudan refugees

ADJUMANI, Uganda – Twenty-five-year-old Chris Kwikiriza has beat the odds. A midwife in the Boroli refugee settlement, in Uganda’s Adjumani District, he is helping pregnant women overcome their fears... Read more

17 March 2016

Recognizing an unsung hero – the ambulance driver

ADJUMANI, Uganda – Laura Jurua, a 26-year-old South Sudanese refugee, went into labour in the middle of the night in her temporary shelter in the Boroli refugee settlement, in Uganda’s Adjumani... Read more

16 March 2016
Press Release
Girls play ball in the Ayilo Refugee Settlement

Young South Sudanese actors and athletes take on violence, HIV

Adjumani, Uganda – Weeks after violence erupted in in South Sudan, Mike Marchar fled for his life. He found safe haven in the Ayilo Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda, but lost track of his family... Read more

16 March 2016
South Sudanese refugees display products they have been learning to produce at the Kakuma Support Centre in Turkana

Kenyan support centre offers care, hope to refugees from South Sudan

KAKUMA, Kenya – Every once in a while, Joyce Dabor is jolted from sleep by memories of the day she was separated from her children. It was the day they finally escaped the bloody conflict in South... Read more

16 March 2016

Family planning helps refugees put their families, futures first

BARATUKU/KIRYADONGO, Uganda – Two brave, young South Sudanese refugees are defying expectations and speaking frankly about their decision to use family planning. After surviving conflict and enduring... Read more

15 December 2014

Strengthening support for the war-weary women of South Sudan

JUBA/NEW YORK – No reliable figures chart the current suffering of women and girls in South Sudan. But one can reliably say that the new country is one of the worst places on earth for their health... Read more

3 November 2014

Fistula campaign in South Sudan seeks lasting solutions

WAU, South Sudan – It seemed like the cards were stacked against Regina Awol Deng. She was forced to leave school when she was 7 years old, and to marry when she was a just teenager. She found... Read more

30 July 2014

In South Sudan, opposition to family planning exacerbates reproductive health needs

WAU, South Sudan – The need for reproductive health care remains overwhelming in South Sudan. Even before the current humanitarian crisis erupted in December of last year, the country had one of the... Read more

7 July 2014

In South Sudan camp, midwifery training offers a crucial a lifeline

JUBA, South Sudan – It is the middle of the night in a crowded displacement camp in Juba, South Sudan, and 25-year-old Marsa Nyaluak is losing blood fast. She is in labour and has been bleeding for... Read more